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Pure, pure, natural. Since multivitamins have predominantly been marketed as wholesome or, at the furthest end of the spectrum, benign, we have overlooked the truth that many are, in the long term, damaging. However, the usage of dietary supplements, except in the case of a deficiency, could trigger extra harm than good.

These vitamins are used all through the physique, however excesses are stored in the liver and fats tissues. Iron helps transport oxygen in blood. The Kakadu plum and the camu camu fruit have the highest vitamin C contents of all foods. As an example, extra selenium and vitamin A, two nutrients usually added to hair progress dietary supplements, have both been linked to hair loss ( 34 ).

Another severe consequence of extreme vitamin C deficiency is scurvy, which depresses the immune system, weakens muscle groups and bones and makes individuals feel fatigued and lethargic ( 24 ). It also helps make red blood cells and management the body’s hormones.

Until recognized with a deficiency, most individuals ought to keep away from taking vitamin A supplements. Vitamin C. Office of Dietary Dietary supplements. Individuals with long-time period malabsorption of fats are extra inclined to creating a vitamin A deficiency.vitamins

Vegans (vegetarians who eat no animal products at all, together with dairy products) might have to take vitamin supplements. On condition that free radicals clearly damage cells – and provided that people who eat diets wealthy in substances that neutralize free radicals are healthier – why did studies of supplemental antioxidants show they have been harmful?vitamins