Your Journey to a Superhero Body Begins Now

Next year figures to be the year of superheroes again, with Captain Marvel, Avengers 4: Endgame, and Hellboy among 2019’s most anticipated films. With that in mind, we at Gywater have created an easy-to-follow blueprint towards achieving a superhero body. The best part? It is applicable for both the gents and the gals.


Star-Lord, aka Chris Pratt, took all of six months to drop 60 pounds according to a Men’s Fitness feature on Pratt’s body transformation. He also got lots of help from personal trainer Duffy Gaverand nutritionist Phil Goglia. In other words, he committed to be fit, and fit he became. His superhero peers certainly did the same, and so should you. So, yes, commit to be fit — and do it now!

Eat Healthy!

Thor, the god of thunder (aka Chris Hemsworth), didn’t get the body of a god by feasting on unhealthy food. Rather, he spent days working out and, yes, eating healthy food. The Food Network details Hemsworth’s diet as being “Thor-oughly protein rich,” which makes sense given that protein is the building block of muscle. It is also mostly plant based, and that means lots of vitamins and minerals.


Wonder Woman Gal Gadot boasts a body to die for, and is in excellent shape by any measure. And she credits her daily six-hour workouts for that. Captain Marvel Brie Larson six hours a day to prepare for her role as Wonder Woman. Like Gadot, Brie Larson (aka Captain Marvel) trained hard for her role in next year’s Captain Marvel, and she revealed parts of her intense sessions to Women’s Health. The takeaway? You’ll need to work your butt off to get superhero fit, and that means lots of exercise.


Lack of sleep can undermine any effort to get fit. It will hamper recovery, cause day-to-day lethargy, and increase your risk of certain medical conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. It is thus imperative that you get at least seven to nine hours of shut-eye on a consistent basis. By doing so, you won’t be undermining your get-in-tiptop-shape efforts. Plus, you’ll get the many health benefits of sleep, like improved mood, increased cognitive function, and enhanced immune system.

Be Inspired

Often, the desire to be fit is inspiration enough. But it wouldn’t hurt if you can look up to someone. Superheroes like Thor and Wonder Woman (or more specifically, the actors who portray them) are a good start, as they are proof that getting apex-level fit is possible. That their physiques are idealized by media helps, too, as it means you won’t have to look far to see the body that you can achieve with hard work, commitment, and healthy living. Films like Captain Marvel, Avengers 4: Endgame, and Hellboy are prime examples, obviously. But so are games in the digital realm. The online outlet SlotSource has superhero-inspired titles such as Hellboy, Superman II, Amazon Queen, and Thunderstruck that romanticize superhero fitness, as they feature the sculpted, well-toned bodies of popular comic book heroes. So, if you’re falling off your get-fit program, just watch said movies o
r games and be inspired to get back on track again.

Getting superhero fit seems too ambitious of a fitness goal. But fact is, it’s attainable, though it’ll take a lot of work and sacrifice. Then again, nobody ever got fit by sitting on their couch and wishing for a lean and mean body. So, stop making excuses and start working towards your get-fit goal!